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5 Profit-Building Tips for Stocking Your Event Rental Company

IEP has learned a lot during our 20 years as the premier partner for event rental companies. We love sharing our knowledge and expertise with companies, especially those just starting out. One of the questions we are often asked is, “Which items are the best to make money off of?” There’s no short answer; each company, market, and client is different.

Written by IEP — May 23,2017

5 Easter Brunch Must-Have Menu Items

Spring has finally sprung and Easter is around the corner! The popularity of brunch is on the rise nationwide, but Easter Brunch has been a staple springtime event for decades. After their morning egg hunts, families flock to restaurants, hotels, and country clubs to indulge in the best of both breakfast and lunch. While the Easter Bunny is hard at work painting eggs, you need to start prepping for one of the busiest culinary days of the year. To help you out, we’ve created a list of five Easter Brunch must-have menu items to impress your guests.

Written by IEP — April 06,2017

American Rental Association: The Rental Show 2017 Recap

Having been in the events industry for 20 years, we know a thing or two about what separates a good event from a great one. Last week’s American Rental Association show in Orlando has left us exhausted and crazy busy...both of which are signs of a successful trade show! Each year we look forward to attending the ARA show because it offers us the unique opportunity to connect with current and potential clients from all over the country. Without further ado, here are a few of our highlights from the 2017 ARA show!

Written by IEP — March 17,2017

5 Reasons Why You Need a Brunch Menu


Brunching is back and bigger than ever! Decadent, friend-filled weekend brunches have become a wildly popular social occasion and if you aren’t booking brunch events you’re missing out. Brunches are a fantastic opportunity to test new menu items and showcase some culinary creativity. Composed of the best of both worlds (breakfast and lunch) a great brunch event should be fun, festive, and most of all, filling! Until recently, brunch was a meal usually reserved for Mother’s Day and Easter. Now, you’ll see lines of people out the doors waiting to be seated every weekend. Not yet convinced? Here are five reasons why you need a brunch menu, along with a tip or two to help you get started.

Written by IEP — February 17,2017

5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Menu Items


It’s that time of year again! Cupid has fired off arrows in every direction which means love-struck couples will soon be flooding your restaurant in search of the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner! To make the occasion truly memorable, plan a menu that creatively evokes the spirit of the holiday while remaining elegant and sophisticated. We’re here to help you play matchmaker with 5 romantic Valentine's Day menu items that are sure to sweep your guests off their feet!

Written by IEP — February 10,2017

Food Presentation Tips: Present Your Food Like a Top Chef (Part 2)

The saying “people eat with their eyes” has taken on a whole new meaning since the dawn of social media. If you’ve looked around a restaurant or scrolled down your newsfeed, chances are you’ll see someone taking snapshots of their meals. In fact, there are 203,666,605 images on instagram using the hashtag #food at the time this blog was written! Factoring in the other tags and non-tagged images, that could well be
billions of food photos!

Written by IEP — February 03,2017

Food Presentation Tips: Present Your Food Like a Top Chef (Part 1)


It’s the age of sharing, and we’re not talking about family-style meals! Social media has made it more important than ever for restaurants and caterers to have good food presentation. A beautiful dish can earn you some great promotion in addition to the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” it garners when arriving at the table. A homely plate, on the other hand, can make diners look elsewhere when searching for a meal. Since the stakes are higher than ever, we’ve put together a list of food presentation tips in order to make your food picture perfect. In part one of this two part series (part two will focus on sharing your food pictures: How to do it, where to do it and social best practices!), we start with the plating:

Written by IEP — January 26,2017

7 Hospitality New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales

Holiday party season is over (whew!), and as a caterer, you may finally have a chance to come up for a little air! While you give those ovens a break and toss out what remains of the eggnog, it’s a good time to plan ahead for the New Year. Here’s a list of 7 catering New Year’s resolutions to boost sales and get you ahead of the game!

Written by IEP — January 06,2017

Catering Tips: 5 Must-Have Winter Menu Items


The holidays have come and gone, but the cold weather is here to stay. In the hospitality industry, there’s nothing more important than ensuring guests are having a splendid time at your events, which means you’re fighting an uphill battle when they arrive to your event cold and hungry.

Warming up your guests as quickly as possible doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the thoughtful details that set your food apart from the rest of the industry. Anyone can set out a plate of cookies and coffee dispenser. (Yawn!) But not anyone can make your guests feel truly warm and cozy with these 5 winter menu recipes.

Written by IEP — December 27,2016

For Caterers: 5 DIY Party Tips & Tricks to Impress Your Guests

When we imagine ways to enhance the creativity and design of our catering events, we like to start by taking a step back and finding the opportunities -- Where’s a blank canvas we can decorate? We’re always amazed by the creativity of our fellow caterers in this industry, so we thought we’d draw some attention to the best catering DIY party tips & tricks we’ve seen lately!

Written by IEP — December 13,2016

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